Welcome to GMT.jl

GMT is a data processing and visualization package for the Julia programming language, with high performance and extensibility. It provides the ability for drawing simple and very complex static vector graphics as well as conversion to the most common raster formats (PNG, JPG, GeoTIFF, etc...). Although it is a package more tailored for Earth Sciences, it can also be used for a general purpose plotting of 2 and 3D (perspective, not volumetric) graphics.

Comparison with other plotting packages

Interoperability with (some) other packages

Installation and use

Using Julia's inbuilt package manager.

] add GMT
using GMT


First Steps

See also the tutorials

Getting Help

  1. Use the REPL ? help mode.

  2. Click this link to open a preformatted topic on the Julia Discourse Page. If you do this manually, please use the category Domain/Visualization and tag questions with GMT to increase their visibility.

  3. For technical issues and bug reports, open an issue in the GMT.jl repository which serves as the central hub for GMT.jl and backend issues.