GMT Remote Datasets Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the remote datasets available through GMT’s remote file mechanism.

Information about the GMT data server and mirrors can be found on the GMT organization website.


The highest resolution data for Mars, Mercury, Moon and Pluto requires GMT 6.5 or later.

EarthByte Earth Seafloor Crustal Age
EGM2008 Earth Geoid
EMAG2 Earth Magnetic Anomaly Model
GEBCO Earth Relief
GSHHG Earth Mask
GSHHG Earth Distance to Shoreline
IGPP Earth Free-Air Anomaly
IGPP Earth Free-Air Anomaly Error
IGPP Earth West-East Deflections
CNES Earth Mean Sea Surface
CNES Earth Mean Dynamic Topography
IGPP Earth South-North Deflections
IGPP Earth Relief
IGPP Earth Vertical Gravity Gradient
NASA Earth Day/Night Images
WDMAM World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map
NASA Mars Relief
USGS Mercury Relief
USGS Moon Relief
USGS Pluto Relief
IGPP Venus Relief