Currently GMT.jl offers 3 themes (classic, modern, and dark). Classic theme has been the default up to version 0.34.0. Starting in 0.35.0 the so called (by GMT) modern theme has become the default. Differences may not be obvious at first (except for the default axes line width that was decreased to half-width [0.75p]) but it holds a significant improvement in its capability to scale the size of fonts and line thicknesses in function of figure size.

A third theme is the dark mode. Besides these 3 themes the last two (modern and dark) can still be tweaked with some other parameters. Basically one can use the theme as a function or as an option in the plot (and its avatars) module.

theme(name; kwrgs...)
  • modern: - This is the default theme (same as GMT modern theme but with thinner FRAME_PEN [0.75p])
  • classic: - The GMT classic theme
  • drak: - A modern theme variation with dark background.

On top of the modern mode variations (so far dark only) one can set the following kwargs options:

  • noticks or no_ticks: Axes will have annotations but no tick marks
  • inner_ticks or innerticks: - Ticks will be drawn inside the axes instead of outside.
  • gray_grid or graygrid: - When drawing grid line use gray instead of black
  • save: - Save the name in the directory printed in shell by gmt –show-userdir and make it permanent.
  • reset: - Remove the saved theme name and return to the default modern theme.

Note: Except save and reset, the changes operated by the kwargs are temporary and operate only until an image is show(n) or saved.

This function can be called alone, e.g. theme("dark") or as an keyword option in the plot() module. e.g. plot(..., theme=:dark) or plot(..., theme=(modern, noticks=true))