Contour mapsImage presentationsSpectral estimation3-D view mesh plot
3-D illuminated surfacePlotting histogramsA simple location mapA 3-D histogram
Time-series along tracksA geographical bar graphA 3-D RGB cubeOptimal triangulation
Plotting of vector fieldsGridding and trend surfacesGridding, contouring and maskingGridding of data, continued
Images clipped by coastlinesVolumes and Spatial SelectionsColor patterns on mapsCustom plot symbols
Time-series of RedHat stock priceWorld-wide seismicityAll great-circle paths lead to RomeGeospatial data selection
Global distribution of antipodesGeneral perspective projectionPlotting S/S Mercator img gridsMixing UTM and geographic
Gridding spherical with splinesPlot Trigonometric functionsDraping an image over topographyAutomatic stacking cross-profiles
Shading country polygonsSpherical triangulationSpherical griddingLine simplification
Legend with tablesAntarctica and stereographic dataMap insetsTrend modeling
Day-light terminatorsLine networks and curved titles